A country divided black, white, red, brown, yellow 

It’s nothing new for I am divided too

Head spinning heart searching for my little piece of home 

I run toward you

take me in, teach me, love me, embrace me, accept me


My shade too bright too light for your sunshine, my depth irrelevant

I dust off my pain lace up my boots and begin again

Maybe this time I will fit in

Maybe what was superficial will somehow be meaningful, my pedigree will somehow be forgotten and I will finally be enough to measure up to the great white hype


I Fall, desolate is this road I walk

Where is my village, my pack, my pride

Little do I know that my sanctuary is in Time

Every step is preparation for the revelations to come

Each tear I cry is a seed planted in my spirit 





All growing 

Until one day 



My mixed half black half white courageous strong compassionate grateful self

I rise, and as I rise in MY skin 

I See MY family 

My black, white, brown, red, yellow, MIXED family 

And I embrace you