Diverse World Coaching offers Individual, Couples, Family and Corporate Coaching. We work in person, by phone, and in group coaching sessions. Our expertise is in the following areas:


  • Racism and White Privilege
  • Parenting Mixed Race Children: Understanding their Racial Identity Development 
  • Navigating the Blended Family
  • Youth Empowerment through Community Action

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Individual Coaching

Serving individuals with anxiety, depression, racial identity struggles, family issues and relationship concerns. Our approach:

Solition focused

Cognitive behavioral tool development

Goal development and implementation

Couples Coaching-

We work with couples who are dealing with the following issues, using the same approach as above:


Communication breakdown

Parenting struggles

Loss of intimacy

Family Coaching-

Our family approach is a bit different in that it involves the children as well.  We assist families dealing with the following issues:

Parental division

Special needs children

Out of control children

Breakdown in family communication

We work with families using a 3 part approach:

1Assessment: information gathering, family history, presenting issues and desired change.

2- Development of a Family Healing Plan:

This is essentially creating a road map for family healing and functioning. We cover all goals and pitfalls such as:

Uniting the parents

Identifying healthy boundaries

Creating a home contract with rules, expectations and consequences

Creating a support system for each family member

We also believe it is essential that all professionals working with the family are working together as a team. We work diligently to create a partnership with teachers, psychologists, therapists, doctors etc. to provide the family with the best chance at success.

3- The Work

The last step is doing the WORK. We work closely with the family both with in home coaching sessions and phone support to implement the Family Healing Plan.

Corporate Coaching

Global/Cultural Competencies for Companies & Employees:
Assessment Tools, Development Strategies, Measurement Tools‏

Employee, Managerial, Executive

Business Cases:
Diversity, Ethics, Proactive Inclusion®, GlobalTREE℠

Accountability Models and Implementations:
Business & Professional Ethics, Diversity, Proactive Inclusion®, Teambuilding, GlobalTREE℠

Measurement Tools, Models, Strategies

Human Understanding:
Tools to Measure Human Behavior, Insights into Human Behavior, Changing Human Behavior

Change Management:
Conflict Resolution, Preparing for Change, Leading Change, Measuring Effectiveness, Creating GlobalTREE℠

Leadership/Associate Development:
Accessing Talent, Developing Talent, Sustaining Talent

* To inquire about booking a speaking engagement please email us with the dates and name of the institution. Diversewc@gmail.com