LETTER regarding LAQUAN McDONALD MURDER! If your name isn’t on the list below, add yourself in the comments please!!!
I am writing on behalf of Together We Stand, a national and global group of over 500 dedicated to racial equality and social change. To say we are disgusted with the handling of the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald would be putting it mildly. It is morally reprehensible and utterly abhorrent that it took 13 months to indict officer Van Dyke for murder. If that weren’t enough, the fact that it took citizens going to court under the freedom of information act to FORCE the release of the tapes is unbelievable. That coupled with the fact that only when the release of the tapes was eminent did State Attorney Anita Alvarez charge Van Dyke, causes us to question her motives, professionalism and ethics along with those of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy. 

We are aware of the recent termination of Officer McCarthy and feel that State Attorney Alvarez and Mayor Rahm Emanuel should step down as well. It is vital that the citizens of Chicago and citizens nationwide be able to trust in our criminal justice system and those charged to protect and serve our communities. 

We will continue to follow this case and look forward to seeing drastic changes in policing and policy to ensure this is the very last time such injustices occur.
Together We Stand:
Ty Anderson, Azark Cobbs, Yolanda McInnis, Robin Gordon, Robert Matthews, Michele Fernandez, John P Fernandez, Cynthia Miller, KAreki Hall, Daryl Butler, Rita Castle, Dareth Timmons, Steve Wagner, Marla Rose, Diana Spatz, Debra Muro, Brent Hill, Michael D. Nurse, Marvin Spencer Chandler Jr., Annabeth Balance, Carol Swink Laborde, Jenn Skender, Liz Albury,James Craig Fulkman, Donna Lashley Gerringer, Bella Kharma, Kathy Casteel, Gregory A Mengel, Danielle Drury, Eleni Fernandez, Daniel Schuette, Rhya Fogerty, Jason Wesley, Miguel Poston, Chantel Yvette, Don Scott, Julie Ann Fernandez, Jeffery Lawrence Lee, Sasha Williams, Holly Chaney, Peggy Clay, Larry Asbury
Sevgi Fernandez/President

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