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A Legacy of Hate

By Sevgi Fernandez 

No longer are the threats thinly veiled
No longer is your judgement of our little boys and girls spoon fed to us with a sprinkling of sugar to mask the coal that you plant in our hearts

The coal that with time and proper feeding seeps slowly through our beings raping us of hopes, dreams, pride and future

You have come full circle now

Openly feeding the currents of ignorance 

Nourishing the streams of fear, spawning a new generation of creatures who embrace inhumanity, who would sooner claw out their eyes than truly open them

“Let’s make America great again!” your rally cry as you latch on to the desperate 

As you leech any morsel of decency from the masses of drones who blindly follow

Your alternative facts, a glimpse into the alternate reality that is the 1%

Your past immigrant 

Your present dictator

Your future, a legacy of hate


Please join our organization Together We Stand a nonprofit dedicated to dismantling racism, discrimination and police brutality nationwide, through Advocacy, Education and Legislation

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Workshop: Unite Against Racism

Unite Against Racism

Breaking Down Walls and Building Community

It Begins and Ends With Us!!

Join me for the first in a 3 part documentary/discussion series examining and dismantling Racism. Whites and People of Color see race from radically different perspectives. We will explore our individual biases and how they impact our choices and impact our community. Through individual, group and interactive exercises we will increase understanding transforming fear into knowledge and that knowledge into the power we need to eradicate racism and oppression. It’s imperative that all People of Color come together as ONE community to challenge the system of racism and oppression that this country has been built upon. It’s also crucial that our white allies join in this movement. These seminars are meant for everyone, regardless of your racial, socio/economic, religious or political background. You don’t even have to agree with the movement. What’s essential is that we dialogue face to face in a respectful environment where we can build understanding.

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 2:30-5:30pm

2930 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 300 Berkeley


  • Welcome
  • Documentary: The Conversation 
  • White People on Race
  • My Black Son
  • Growing up Black
  • Individual and Group Exercises
  • Discussion: We will analyze the polarization between blacks and whites in the U.S., with an in depth look at the raw realities on both sides. 

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