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Why Black Lives Matter Too!

***************** RELEASING JUNE 19, 2016 ******************  
We are pleased to announce our soon-to-be-released multi-contributor anthology, “Why Black Lives Matter (Too)”! Recognizing that the fight for social justice and equality is bigger than any one person and that there is room for diverse talents and expertise of anyone who is committed to freedom, this multi-contributor anthology comprises curated essays written by 50 social justice advocates from across the nation.
Our release date, June 19th, is set to coincide with Juneteenth—also known as Independence Day or Freedom Day—a holiday commemorating the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas in June 1865, and more generally the emancipation of African American slaves throughout the Confederate South.
Book Summary: The Black Lives Matter movement evolved as a protest against police brutality against unarmed Black men. This book extends beyond police brutality to revolutionize the national conversation about racial injustice and inequality and advocate for freedom and justice for all Black Americans. Addressing a range of hot button issues and racial disparities that disproportionately impact the Black community, this is a call to action that will challenge you to confront your long-held values and beliefs about Black lives and confront your own white privilege and fragility as you examine racial justice and equality in a revolutionary way.
All proceeds will benefit The Sentencing Project, a leader in the effort to bring national attention to disturbing trends and inequities in the criminal justice system through the publication of groundbreaking research, aggressive media campaigns and strategic advocacy for policy reform. Our gift to the organization will support their efforts to promote reforms in sentencing policy, address unjust racial disparities and practices, and advocate for alternatives to incarceration.
Stay tuned, and please consider purchasing this book, when available, to support the vital work of The Sentencing Project.
#VoicesForEquality #WhyBlackLivesMatterToo

Together We Stand

 We advocate for victims of racism, discrimination and police brutality across the country. We also hold workshops on dismantling racism and building community. We plan to incorporate a youth leadership academy that trains participants to become social change agents and prepares them to enter college with an excellent foundation in civil and social justice advocacy. We will also offer participants mental health services that allow them to process the issues they see in their communities and in their lives. Our hope is to develop a successful model that can be implemented in cities across the country. We are raising money to cover the filing, legal costs, and the various other needs that come with starting a non profit. We hope that you will help us on this journey! Just click the link below, and please SHARE!

Unite Against RacismBreaking Down Walls and Building Community

Challenging Racism and Islamophobia

Join us for the second in our three part series Unite Against Racism: Breaking Down Walls and Building Community; Challenging Racism and Islamophobia.Given the growing divide along racial and religious lines in this country and globally, we will focus this seminar on examining where the breakdowns in communication and understanding are occuring specifically between blacks/whites and Muslims/Non-Muslims. Sevgi Fernandez of Together We Stand and Dr. John P. Fernandez of ARMCGlobal, global leaders on racism, sexism and diversity training, will be facilitating. The emphasis will be to create GolbalTREE, Trust, Respect, Empathy, Ethics, through a multifaceted approach using individual and group exercises.

Please RSVP to, we will be emailing attendees an exercise to do prior to the workshop.
Register now, space is limited!!!

Unite Against Racism: Breaking Down Walls and Building Community


Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2016 at 2:30-5:30pm


2930 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA
Welcome – Introductions

Individual – Group Exercises



Group discussion

Closing – personal commitments to change

Western Institute for Social Research

Since 1975 WISR, the Western Institute for Social Research, has been a multicultural academic institution of higher learning devoted to social change and community improvement. WISR, is a community-based, globally connected degree granting institution of higher learning. WISR’s students can earn Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in a variety of disciplines related to community improvement and leadership, educational innovation, counseling psychology, and progressive social change.

2930 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA, United States 510 655-2830

Advanced Reaearch Management Consultants

Advanced Research Management Consultants Global, LLC– is a full service human resources, executive coaching, diversity, mentoring, marketing, e-learning and video production firm. We specialize in assisting organizations realize their competitive advantage on a local and global scale.

ARMC Global develops and delivers seminars in such areas as leadership, global virtual teams, teambuilding, communications, generation gap, GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender), work and life balance, cultural clashes, conflict resolution, Proactive Inclusion® and GlobalTREE℠ (Trust, Respect, Empathy, and Ethics).

701 West Allens Lane, Philadelphia, PA, United States 215 247-4547

Sevgi Fernandez – Together We Stand – Diverse World Coaching

Diverse World Coaching specializes in working with blended, cross-cultural and interracial families as well as individuals struggling with racial identity formation, anxiety and depression.

Together We Stand advocates for victims of racism, discrimination and police brutality across the country. We are developing a youth leadership academy that will train participants to become social change agents and prepare them to enter college with an excellent foundation in social justice advocacy.

Together We Stand also offers the following workshops:

Racism and White Privilege

Parenting Mixed Race Children: Understanding their Racial Identity Development 

Navigating the Blended Family

Youth Empowerment through Community Action

Richmond, CA, United States

Are white people evil or is it just “people” are capable of evil? 


By: Michael D. Nurse

Are white people evil or is it just “people” are capable of evil? How does the promotion of one school of thought vs the other advance the liberation movement. 
  Some would argue that liberation starts in the hearts and minds and that hundreds of years of a falsely contrived reality; must be washed from the consciousness of the people before freedom can be achieved. 
Others argue that in times of war; the foundations of peace must be laid. It may not be possible to demonise and alienate an enemy and readily restore the peace once the battle is over. 
Some would suggest that the enemy will never tolerate a peace of equals; its a zero sum game that leads to complete capitulation with no conditions. Should you lose; you dont get to keep your Hitler or Roosevelt at the end. 
How do we deal with the allied; as future enemies or uneasy friends till the real enemy is destroyed? Who or what is the real enemy? Is it white people or injustice? Do we fight for black freedom or black supremacy? Does achieving black liberation mean that black nationalism must take priority or do we fight behind the flag of freedom from injustice or equality for all? 
Black people are not like white people. We cannot fight like we are equals. There is a terrible wounding in the hearts and minds of white supremacy victims. Mental wounds that have damaged our belief in ourselves; our belief in our full humanity. We have lost the initiave to be self sufficient. We have lost the common bonds that binds us together; that which allows any other man to build for themselves.
As a prerequisite to black liberation there must be a healing of the black psyche. First we must be afforded the opportunities to engage with truth. Knowing and understanding what actually happened to us as a people; who were stolen away from our native places and cultures and forced to become perpetual underlings; labourers and hand maidens for our unmitigated superiors and owners. 
When official slavery ended 150 years ago; no one bothered to heal our ancestors or to restore them to their full humanity and freedoms. The anti black propaganda continued unabated to this day. The denials of our achievements and a steadfast determination to rob us of the opportunity to become equals with our previous slavers and still oppressors.
As such we are forced to heal ourselves. Expose our own truths; liberate our own minds from the carnage caused by 400 years of anti black propaganda. Black people were told to assimilate; but this was never allowed to be a goal that could be accomplished by inferiors.
Coming to awareness of our loss will lead to greiving. Irrational denials and doubts about the veracity of our fate. Are we truly as badly off as we are? Do we harm ourselves as viciously as we do? Are we a nation beseiged by self hate?
The liberators are attempting to instigate freedom on multiple fronts. Learning of a history denied so that we can believe in our humanity, equality and the dignity of belonging and having equal access to the resources needed for survival. Then the retelling of history as it occured; atrocity by atrocity; struggle by bitter struggle; achievement by achievement so that we could shake off our delusions and live. Seeing the world clearly for what it is and has been. 
We must know our enemies and our friends. We must understand what it means to be free to ever be able to achieve it. Our white gods and masters must be humbled by truth so that we can turn again to give reverence and divine value to ourselves. We must learn how we once were before we were broken and enslaved.
On this path to redemption; there will be many challenges; victories and losses; great pains and sorrows; joys and achievements. We often do harm to ourselves and without any doubt; we will wound our friends and allies. This is a process and we will make mistakes but hopefully with the help and providence of all we can eventually be free.

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