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December 2015

It’s Official: Bernie Sanders Campaign Sues Democratic National Comittee

By Catherine Treyz, Dan Merica, Jeremy Diamond and Jeff Zeleny, CNN Updated 5:45 PM ET, Fri December 18, 2015 CNN Washington (CNN) Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Friday sued the Democratic National Committee in federal court after the party organization withheld the campaign’s access to a crucial voter database. The internal warfare exploded after the DNC cut […]

An “Uber Ambitious” New Vision for Saving the Amazon

By: Regina Varolli Author, ’99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Going To Culinary School’
The vision came from the tribal healers themselves, as RUNA CEO Tyler Gage explained, “They came to us and said ‘We’re disappearing, and our knowledge is disappearing with us.'”

The project, to build two medical clinics in the Amazon, one in Ecuador and another in Peru. As Gage put it, they’ll be “the world’s first medical clinics to research Amazonian medicine as a medical system, so the communities can document and clinically test these plant medicines.” To accomplish this, the project will enlist top medical researchers from Stanford and Yale to work with the indigenous communities to discover–and to prove–the legitimate healing power of thousands of plants.

RUNA CEO Tyler Gage harvesting guayusa tea with a member of the Kichwa tribe in Ecuador (Image courtesy RUNA Foundation)

How could this help to save the Amazon, which Gage called “the biggest botanical pharmacy on Earth,” from deforestation? Economic incentive. Gage said, “There’s obviously a huge demand for treatments to fill the holes in Western medicine.” Basically, if the scientists working in these clinics can prove, by Western standards of proof, that these plants have documented healing capabilities, the cause of protecting the Amazon Rainforest will have a powerful new argument.

Tyler Gage, a young entrepreneur who co-founded RUNA tea and energy drinks company with then class-mate Dan MacCombie, articulated the vision for the project, “The goal is to really understand indigenous Amazonian medicine as a whole system, the same way that Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic medicine in India are whole systems of knowledge that have been thoroughly researched.”

The RUNA Foundation, which already works with indigenous Ecuadoran communities, has well-established ties and trust, and a track record for results. The foundation is collaborating with local non-profits Rios Nete in Peru and Naku in Ecuador, and raising funds here in US through The plans for these clinics are state-of-the-art, a cross between a lab, a think tank, and a medical care facility, all with the look and feel of a peaceful tropical retreat. At both clinics Western doctors will work with tribal healers to treat patients with modern illnesses and document the results.

“There’s huge potential in the Amazon,” said Gage. “We saw a critical need because many of the traditional healers who hold all the knowledge are passing away, so it’s pretty urgent work.”

The project has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, but to turn such a lofty vision into two functioning, cutting-edge clinics in the Amazon will take a lot more support, and that support is coming in from some pretty big names.

Channing Tatum with leaders of the Sapara tribe in Ecuador (Image courtesy RUNA Foundation)

Actor Channing Tatum, also an investor in RUNA, has used his name and influence to raise some serious cash for Launching a campaign on his own website, Tatum raised not only funding, but awareness. Tatum has traveled to Ecuador and Peru with RUNA, to visit the communities and see not only what the company is doing, but the foundation as well.

When I inquired why “The Hateful Eight” star has come out big in support of the project, Channing recollected his time in Ecuador. “Experiencing how refined and expansive their knowledge of indigenous plants is was mind-blowing. They use the Amazon as their pharmacy and their supermarket with amazing skill. The communities were so generous and welcoming that I felt called to support their vision.” 

  Channing Tatum participating in a traditional guayusa ceremony with the Kichwa tribe in Ecuador (Image courtesy RUNA Foundation)

Channing expanded on his motivation, mirroring the sentiments of Gage. “The potential is endless. There are so many plants that the indigenous people use for medicine, but very very few have been researched. These communities are quickly disappearing and their knowledge could hold cures to modern diseases that cause a lot of pain and suffering around the world.”

So the project has a wide scope of impact, proving the healing powers of these traditional medicines can lead to more aggressive conservation of the Amazon, which in turn can save many of these endangered tribal communities that are disappearing simply because their lands are constantly under the chain-saw.

Additionally, the scope is also to unlock the secrets of a virtually untapped system of medicine that could help those with illnesses the world over. When you consider the fact the more and more people in the West are seeking alternatives to Western Medicine, as Gage said, “It’s kind of crazy that nobody has ever built a clinical research facility to better understand and practice the system of medicine around these Amazonian plants.”

Having already broken ground at the site in Peru, and looking to complete construction in 2016, funding provided, that is all about to change.

Wrapping up our interview, Gage’s excitement for the project was palpable, “It’s an uber ambitious vision, and who knows what will come of it, but the vision is very much of these tribes, and we’re helping by raising funds and providing operational support, so we can all make this vision a reality!”

Unite Against RacismBreaking Down Walls and Building Community

Challenging Racism and Islamophobia

Join us for the second in our three part series Unite Against Racism: Breaking Down Walls and Building Community; Challenging Racism and Islamophobia.Given the growing divide along racial and religious lines in this country and globally, we will focus this seminar on examining where the breakdowns in communication and understanding are occuring specifically between blacks/whites and Muslims/Non-Muslims. Sevgi Fernandez of Together We Stand and Dr. John P. Fernandez of ARMCGlobal, global leaders on racism, sexism and diversity training, will be facilitating. The emphasis will be to create GolbalTREE, Trust, Respect, Empathy, Ethics, through a multifaceted approach using individual and group exercises.

Please RSVP to, we will be emailing attendees an exercise to do prior to the workshop.
Register now, space is limited!!!

Unite Against Racism: Breaking Down Walls and Building Community


Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2016 at 2:30-5:30pm


2930 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA
Welcome – Introductions

Individual – Group Exercises



Group discussion

Closing – personal commitments to change

Western Institute for Social Research

Since 1975 WISR, the Western Institute for Social Research, has been a multicultural academic institution of higher learning devoted to social change and community improvement. WISR, is a community-based, globally connected degree granting institution of higher learning. WISR’s students can earn Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in a variety of disciplines related to community improvement and leadership, educational innovation, counseling psychology, and progressive social change.

2930 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA, United States 510 655-2830

Advanced Reaearch Management Consultants

Advanced Research Management Consultants Global, LLC– is a full service human resources, executive coaching, diversity, mentoring, marketing, e-learning and video production firm. We specialize in assisting organizations realize their competitive advantage on a local and global scale.

ARMC Global develops and delivers seminars in such areas as leadership, global virtual teams, teambuilding, communications, generation gap, GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender), work and life balance, cultural clashes, conflict resolution, Proactive Inclusion® and GlobalTREE℠ (Trust, Respect, Empathy, and Ethics).

701 West Allens Lane, Philadelphia, PA, United States 215 247-4547

Sevgi Fernandez – Together We Stand – Diverse World Coaching

Diverse World Coaching specializes in working with blended, cross-cultural and interracial families as well as individuals struggling with racial identity formation, anxiety and depression.

Together We Stand advocates for victims of racism, discrimination and police brutality across the country. We are developing a youth leadership academy that will train participants to become social change agents and prepare them to enter college with an excellent foundation in social justice advocacy.

Together We Stand also offers the following workshops:

Racism and White Privilege

Parenting Mixed Race Children: Understanding their Racial Identity Development 

Navigating the Blended Family

Youth Empowerment through Community Action

Richmond, CA, United States

The Myth of the White Majority

The white “race” has structured and manipulated their own thought processes and conceptual patterns, as well as those of the entire non-white world majority, so that the real numerical minority (whites) illusionally feels and represents itself as the world’s majority, while the true numerical majority (non-whites) illusionally feels and views itself as the minority.
Salem Mattaniah

A Letter to the Editor:

At Webster University in St. Louis, the Association of African-American Collegiates (AAAC) demanded for President Stroble to instate a more diverse campus with a list of 19 demands to support Mizzou and their struggle with racism, as well as to combat it on our own campus–one of those demands was to create a “safe space” […]

Demand Accountability for the Death of Laquan McDonald

LETTER regarding LAQUAN McDONALD MURDER! If your name isn’t on the list below, add yourself in the comments please!!!
I am writing on behalf of Together We Stand, a national and global group of over 500 dedicated to racial equality and social change. To say we are disgusted with the handling of the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald would be putting it mildly. It is morally reprehensible and utterly abhorrent that it took 13 months to indict officer Van Dyke for murder. If that weren’t enough, the fact that it took citizens going to court under the freedom of information act to FORCE the release of the tapes is unbelievable. That coupled with the fact that only when the release of the tapes was eminent did State Attorney Anita Alvarez charge Van Dyke, causes us to question her motives, professionalism and ethics along with those of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy. 

We are aware of the recent termination of Officer McCarthy and feel that State Attorney Alvarez and Mayor Rahm Emanuel should step down as well. It is vital that the citizens of Chicago and citizens nationwide be able to trust in our criminal justice system and those charged to protect and serve our communities. 

We will continue to follow this case and look forward to seeing drastic changes in policing and policy to ensure this is the very last time such injustices occur.
Together We Stand:
Ty Anderson, Azark Cobbs, Yolanda McInnis, Robin Gordon, Robert Matthews, Michele Fernandez, John P Fernandez, Cynthia Miller, KAreki Hall, Daryl Butler, Rita Castle, Dareth Timmons, Steve Wagner, Marla Rose, Diana Spatz, Debra Muro, Brent Hill, Michael D. Nurse, Marvin Spencer Chandler Jr., Annabeth Balance, Carol Swink Laborde, Jenn Skender, Liz Albury,James Craig Fulkman, Donna Lashley Gerringer, Bella Kharma, Kathy Casteel, Gregory A Mengel, Danielle Drury, Eleni Fernandez, Daniel Schuette, Rhya Fogerty, Jason Wesley, Miguel Poston, Chantel Yvette, Don Scott, Julie Ann Fernandez, Jeffery Lawrence Lee, Sasha Williams, Holly Chaney, Peggy Clay, Larry Asbury
Sevgi Fernandez/President

Diverse World Coaching

Btx3 – Chicago Cops Caught Deleting Video Evidence of Laquan McDonald Murder

At Least 14 Dead In Shooting At Social Services Center In San Bernardino

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:THE HUFFINGTON POST 14+ DEAD… SUSPECT(S) AT LARGE… KTTV via AP Attack On San Bernardino Social Services Center… 14 Injured… Suspects In ‘Tactical Gear’… ‘Bodies On The Floor’… Center Helps People With Developmental Disabilities… Politicians React… Photos… LIVE VIDEO… ?

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