The killing of a musician by a police officer has ignited familiar tensions in Florida, with family members questioning the officer’s actions as police contend the dead man had a handgun at the scene.

As with many other police-involved shootings that have sparked a national discussion about race and law enforcement tactics in the last year and a half, the details surrounding the killing of 31-year-old Corey Jones are murky.
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Below is a letter my group Together We Stand is sending in hopes of getting answers. If you would like your name to be added to the letter please leave me a comment below. Thank you!

Mayor Jablin, Vice Mayor Levy and Police Cheif Stepp,

I am writing on behalf of Together We Stand, a group of citizens from across the United States dedicated to seeking civil rights and equality for all. 
We are writing to ask that a full independent investigation into the death of Corey Jones be conducted immediately. We believe it is not sufficient that the case be reviewed by the policing agency that is involved in this matter.
We are sure you are aware that the tensions between communities of color, particularly the African American Community, and police has risen to a palpable level. In order to begin to diffuse this situation, complete transparency on the part of the police is essential. We trust that you will do your part.
We certainly hope to see that you take this matter seriously and will take the proper steps to ensure a full and unbiased assessment and investigation occurs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Together We Stand,

Sevgi Fernandez 
Organizer of Together We Stand

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