Welcome to Diverse World Coaching and our new web and  blog site in conjunction with Advanced Research Management Consultants Global (ARMCG).
As you explore the site,you will find a list of our services as well as introductory information about us.  We hope to create a forum to have the very difficult but absolutely necessary discussions on racism, sexism, islamophobia, bigotry, inequality and privilege.
Since we elected our first African American President, we have witnessed the resurgence of overt racism grow steadily. We see this in a wide range of actions from the daily disrespect President Obama has had to endure simply because of his race, to the numerous deaths of African American men at the hands of law enforcement and the most recent murder of 9 African Americans in South Carolina..
We believe that through dialogue we can educate, inform, and collectively work towards meaningful and sustainable social change. We invite you to leave us your comments on our topics and suggestions of issues you would like to see discussed on this site.